Difficult Employees Discussions

Topics: Employment, Meantime Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Case 1:
Employee in sales is struggling with his personal growth efforts because the company’s policy is that you only get bonuses when you reach a certain point of excellence with your results. He is generally doing a good job, but the results aren’t on par what he thinks his salary level should be at the moment. The employee is constantly asking for incentives for many parts in the road map towards those goals rather than focusing on the task at hand and the ultimate goal. This constant malcontent with the bonus model is hindering the general process of the entire team’s learning curve, because it routes focus to the negative sides of things. When confronted about this, the employee always tends to shift the focus away from his results and into the company’s lack of marketing support, warm leads (making his sales easier) etc. etc. Not really too difficult case as a person, just his method of not really looking in the mirror is challenging from time to time.

Case 2:
Employee in support is always complaining about the lack of personnel in the support team and that they are overloaded as a unit. Quality is sometimes suffering because of this mentality that you must speed through the support tickets because you have so many of them lined up. There are priorities that they are aware of and the rest of the tickets can just sit as long as it needs. If that queue gets too long, we can re-route those to our partners if needed. We are aware of this problem and have started to fix the situation with new processes and tool for the support team. The team member still has hard time believing that those changes will reduce the amount of tickets coming in. Also making proactive changes to the new service initializing process and to the way how support should work to pre-empty the reason why those tickets come in in the first place. Because of the current situation it is quite hard to “sell” the idea to the team that their workload will go down and we don’t need that many...
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