Difference Between Cultures of Native Americans and the English Colonists

Topics: Roman Catholic Church, Christianity, Catholic Church Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: January 26, 2013
As the Europeans arrived to the Americas they seen the land as very prosperous. They wanted the land for power and riches. These lands were full of valuable resources such as rich soils, timber, gold silver, and precious metals. Due to the Seasonal Cycle in England it was very difficult to cultivate crops. The Europeans had to constantly work extremely hard to break the soil, they had to wait for the ground to thaw and dry before they even began this process. Therefore the lack of agricultural quality, did not allow them to grow enough crops to feed their people. Many Europeans women and daughters were malnourished so the men in the family could eat enough. Since there was a lack of jobs and work was slow all family members had to work together still not supplying them with money and food. Another reason the Europeans wanted to colonize the New world was because of religion. Everyone had to belong to a church, there were churches in every community. The Roman Catholic Church possessed power, and discipline over them. They hoped to escape this religious persecution. The Catholic Church became very wealthy, they taxed the people of England, even if they did not believe in this religion. Many high members of the church used this for personal gain. Colonists wanted a place to start new where they can practice religion freely based on their beliefs. From what I have read and researched I believe there was unanimity of what the English Colonists wanted. They wanted to begin new lives with their families. Colonists wanted, prosper from trading all goods the Americas had to offer. They were able to establish their freedom of religion, and crops to grow. The Colonists got what they wanted, even if it did destroy the Native Americans.

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