Difference between Classical Approach to Management and Behavioral Viewpoint

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Management, Motivation Pages: 5 (1302 words) Published: March 28, 2012

The classical view point is all about the different-different methods and different ways for manage work and organizations more effectively. The classical view point includes the three types of approaches such as : 1.SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT

These approaches are related to mostly at the top level of management which include systematic and scientific analysis of work include better pay but if we study “BEHAVIOURAL VIEW POINT” it is related to the study of human behaviour which include. (college, 2012) college, p. i. (2012). principal management. auckland : prime international college.

Maslow`s hierarchy of needs
McGregor`s theory X
McGregor`s theory Y
These studies are related to the human needs and wants it is mainly related to lower level of management. THE CLASSICAL VIEWPOINT:
Scientific management: FW Taylor known as father of scientific management. scientific management means find out the best different way from the given ways to improve the performance level of individual worker. If you will appoint the same job to the worker as he done before then he will do that work properly and in appropriate manner and I will also save the time and money and it will improve the productivity of organization. Advantages:

1) With the help of this approach worker will perform their work properly 2) It will create peaceful environment in organization
3) It will reduce wastage and money
4) It gives standardization to work
1) Worker may feel bore while performing the same activity
2) It increase work load to the worker
3) Its difficult to appoint same work to other worker
Bureaucratic management: Bureaucratic management approach is basically focuses on the need of the organization so the organization can operate logically so the organization can run smoothly and this approach was given by Max Weber and all the things should be in uniformity. Advantage:

1) It focuses on each and every part of the organization
2) It helps to clear path career
3) It create peaceful environment in organization
1)Its time consuming and lengthy process
2)Difficult to follow in large organization
Administrative management: Administrative management explores the principles which are used by the manager to coordinate and control the internal activities and these principles are those 14 principles which were given by HENRI FAYOL. Advantage:

1) It motivates employees
2) It makes organization more formal
3) Everyone had equal rights
4) Increase team spirit
1) Too much mental pressure
2) Personal bias (personal like and dislike for a particular person or employee or manager or worker) BEHAVIOURAL VIEWPOINT:
The behavioural viewpoint tries to understand factors affecting human behaviour in the organization according to the different needs and wants of different persons Hawthorne studies:
This study was about the position of workers in organization that the workers were more than just mere tools of productions this study was about establishment of good human relation in an organization and emphasized concern for the human for the human aspect of worker. This theory was given by Elton mayo. This study was all about motivate worker to work into group so that management can give proper time to worker so that worker feel that they had value in organization. (college, 2012) college, p. i. (2012). principal management. auckland : prime international college.

1)It motivate worker to do work more effectively
2)Worker feel they are part of organization as they had value in organization 3)It create peaceful atmosphere in organization
4)It also help to increase the productivity
1)Its lengthy process
2)Some personal likes and...
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