Dietary Analysis

Topics: Nutrition, Unsaturated fat, Fatty acid Pages: 2 (919 words) Published: April 24, 2013
A. I would say that the majority of my sugar intake is naturally occurring. With the exception of Almond Breeze Vanilla Almond Milk, most of the sugar in my diet is coming from fruits. I consumed mostly bananas, grapes, and apples during the three days that I tracked (which is normal for my daily intake), and did not consume any sugary beverages (again, with the exception of the almond milk) or junk foods. Though I know there is some added sugar is present in my intake, I think the majority of it is generally naturally occurring in the foods I eat. B. According to the reports, I am below my suggested calorie intake, and therefore I am not meeting my calorie needs. The DRI reports a goal intake of 1973 kcal, though my actual intake is reported to be around 1056.7 kcal. Though I do believe I should increase my average intake a bit, I do not think 1973 kcal is entirely realistic, especially if I’m aiming to lose weight. This may, however, be naïve misconception on my part; therefore, I will need to seek out more information as to what would be an appropriate daily caloric intake for me if I plan to maintain my energy level, and lose around 1-2 lbs. per week. C. My percentages of calories from protein, and fat were not found to fall under the Dietary Guidelines presented in my report. It stated that I should be consuming about 46. g of protein, though I was shown to consume about 28 g; in terms of fat, the suggestion was 42-73 g, though my actual intake was around 11 g. However, my carbohydrate intake was within range; the suggested intake was 213-308 g, and my actual intake was 232 g. In addition, my intake of saturated fat was 8%, falling under the recommended rage of 10% or under. In order to consume a more appropriate amount of fat and protein, I could try and substitute one or two snacks consisting of fruit with trail mix, or I could add some peanut butter to them. It would also help to incorporate some fish to either my lunch or dinner. This would be...
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