Devil Wears Prada

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  • Published : September 28, 2012
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1.In the movie “ The Devil Wears Prada,” a differentiation between in-group and out-group behavior is clearly defined. Andrea is an aspiring journalist who gets a job as second assistant to Miranda at a high fashion magazine. This would be a dream job for someone who is in to fashion, but Andrea could care less about fashion, as apparent by her attire (per the looks she was getting from Miranda and her peers while at work). Though she does not “fit in” and does not want to, she is willing to suffer because she understands this job is just a stepping-stone for her chosen career. Emily is part of the in-group because she has the expectation to be included in the preferred tasks.

2.Miranda exemplifies the autocratic leader. Just before Andy’s employees scramble to have everything just perfect before the “Dragon Lady” appears for fear of reprimand the instant she sees anything she dislikes. At this point, the leader influences the follower through fierce glares, barking orders, and body language. As the follower, Andy is trying to make a good impression so that she will get the job, as she believes this job to be a stepping-stone to her chosen career.

During the first few weeks, Andy develops a collaborative relationship with Emily, trying to learn Miranda’s behaviors and expectations so that she can anticipate what she wants. This would include being on call twenty-four hours a day and doing impossible tasks such as acquiring an unpublished copy of Harry Potter’s manuscript or booking a flight out of a hurricane. Though she questions her ability to fulfill these tasks, Andy is gaining respect for Miranda as a leader, which strengthens the leader follower exchange.

Along the way, Andy changes her plain style and behaviors to gain acceptance at work. Once she looks and acts like her peers, Andy is soon accepted as an equal and soon surpasses the expectations of her peers at the office and soon surpasses the expectations of Miranda. This...
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