Deviant Behavior

Topics: Entrepreneurial mindset, Sociology, Entrepreneurship Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: June 17, 2012
Deviant Behavior

Though my background is of the Filipino culture, I was raised here in America throughout my childhood. There was one topic of discussion that started many arguments between my parents and I. That topic was my decision on what I wanted to be when I grow up. Filipino culture always wants their children to become better than their parents, which meant becoming something like a doctor or lawyer, etc. I am sure they are great careers but I chose a whole different path. I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset as a young kid and starting my business is what I felt passionate about. Today, I have an online business, though I won’t go into details, I love it. The problem is that my parents still wanted me to go to school. I became defiant in school and actually dropped out of college. However, given the fact Axia College helps me take schooling on-line, I thought it would be okay then.

American society became a culture of “doing what makes you happy,” while Asian society, such as the Filipino culture, has the saying of “do what makes your parents happy.” As you can tell, my behavior became defiant in regards to the society of the Filipinos, while it was okay in America. Eventually, my parents were okay with my decision in not becoming a doctor, or lawyer, or whatever they keep pushing me to be. I only want to do what I love, and that is entrepreneurship.

In America, if a person with power commits a crime, they usually get away with it. For example, many celebrities get away with committing many crimes, and just get a “slap on the wrist.” Unfortunately, the same cannot be said with other people who don’t have as much power. The defiance of a powerful person is usually tolerated, or at least less punished than one who is defiant and not powerful.
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