Developmental Psychology

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Developmental Psychology Notes for Chapter 12

Frienship-Adult friendships can be viewed as having identifiable stages: ABCDE model describes the different stages:

tend to have more friends and aquantances during young adulthood than any subsequent period. A persons's life satisfaction is strongly related to the quantity and quality of contacts with friends People whom have friendships across ethnic groups have more positive attitudes toward people with diff. Backgrounds.

Play a major role in determining how much we enjoy life

3 Broad themes to ult friendships are: affective or emotional basis of friendships Shared or communal nature of friendships
Sociability and compatability of friendships


Women base friendship on emotional and intimate sharing and use friendship as a means to confide Men tend to base friendship on shared activities or intrests—competition is often part of men's friendships. Men are usually less intimate than womens', no matter how one defines intimacy Women tend to have more close relationships than men do

Social pressure on men to be brave and strong might inhibit their ability to form close relationships

Love has 3 basic components:
1)Intimacy 2)Passion 3) commitment
Passion is usually high but passion and commitment tend to be low as the length of the relationship increases, intimacy and passion decrease, but commitment increases

Assortative mating: belief that people find partners based on their similarity to each other....occurs most often in western societies Homogamy—degree to which people are similar.
Pool of available people to meet is strongly shaped by the opportunities available, which constrains the type of people one is likely to meet.
Once people meet....apply 3 filters, representing...
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