Develop a Plan of Action

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Develop a plan of action. Be organized; write down my thoughts to work out a plan. Have a positive attitude. To have something to look at and be able to mark off as I get it done seems like a great idea. It would also give a much needed boost of confidence and show how far I have come and what I did to get there. Even tho more money from loans would be great you have to pay them back with interest. Bankruptcy cannot be claimed so no matter what, you have to pay it back and the interest keeps growing. You will find yourself owing more money that what you borrowed. At least get an associate’s degree as company’s look to see how much schooling you have which in turn gets you a better job with more money. You will get the job before someone with no degree. Strategies I learned from time management are focusing on my commitments. If things get to be too much make a list and pick out what’s more important to me and delete or delay what’s not that important so I can do the best job possible in that area. This will help me greatly as I seem to put more on my plate then I can really get done. Focus at the computer. Before checking my emails, play games and Facebook, I need to get my work done first. Decrease distractions so I can concentrate on my work. Write the task out and that’s what you concentrate on. This is good advice and Im going to have to brain storm for that to happen as I have 6 dogs in the house. Doxies, Scotties, a French bulldog pup, rottie pup and a bichon mix. The Scottie and rottie play 24/7 and the rottie and French bulldog are in the process of being potty trained and basic obedience is being done as well. This takes so much of my time but school is more important and I need to get this plan in action before the core classes begin.