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Developing Human Capital
Spring 2013
David Ferio
(848) 445-0862

This interactive, theoretically anchored, and applied course is aimed at understanding the process and practice of developing human capital. It focuses on the strategic development of talent framed within the context of talent leadership. It is anchored in business strategy and views the arena of talent management as a critical means to achieve competitive advantage.

As human resource competencies have become a significant competitive advantage both in North America and globally, the pace and intensity of organizational training has increased dramatically. Organization Development/Effectiveness groups must demonstrate not only that their programs provide enhanced employee competencies, but that those competencies are of strategic value to the organization. Some organizations now include continuous learning, often called the “learning organization”, as part of their strategy. As a company’s strategies change, and the types of management competencies and profiles need to change as well, Human Resource Development is responsible for this alignment. We will address these and related issues based on the belief that effective development practices are determined by the organizational context in which they occur.

The first half of the course will focus on development and learning. The second half will focus on performance appraisal. However, both areas will be integrated to reinforce a complete human capital development framework. Lectures, a team project and learning principles will propel course learning as we explore global best practice models of development and appraisal.

Grades will be based on a mid term and final exam and a team case project. Class participation can have a positive impact on your grade. In the spirit of a real world best-in-class application and to reinforce learning, class project teams will examine an appraisal program and supporting development practices in the context of an organizational/company setting.

A course outline and assigned readings will be available the first day of class. Texts include: Employee Training and Development by Raymond Noe; The Complete Guide to Performance Appraisal by Dick Grote. Extensive handout material will augment text readings. Participants will be provided with useful tools for applying concepts discussed and debated in class sessions with the view of gaining competency in human resource development.


Class participation will have an impact on what you learn. Presence in class permits you to listen to and engage in discussions about the topics covered. Questions are expected and will reinforce learning.


There will be a midterm and a final examination. The examinations will be either exclusively or primarily objective in nature

Team Project and Presentation

Critical thinking, teamwork, communication, and execution skills are four abilities that are valued by business today. Presentations to be make in class are required and will aid you in the development of most of these abilities. You will organize into teams (4 and 3 member groups) to address the projects. Each presentation will be a maximum of 45 minutes to include questions.

The grade your team receives will be based upon the clarity of the presentation, creativity in orientation, the transitions between team members, presentation style, opening, development, and closure of the topic. Of major importance is making a complete presentation in the time allotted. This will require that your presentations be concise and well organized.

The Project

The first project will address developing a training and development program supporting a specific firm. Ideally, this program is linked or supports the firm’s performance appraisal system. The organization must be approved by the instructor prior to starting the project. A...
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