Design a Campus Network

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  • Published: November 21, 2013
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Project: Designing a Campus Network
of the Programme

Sixth Semester
Directorate of Distance Education
Department of Information Technology


1. Objectives
2. Hardware Requirements
3. Software Requirements
4. Indicative list of projects
5. Procedure to back up project configurations on TFTP server 6. Guidelines for Project
7. Evaluation

1. Objectives:
The Project Work is designed to help students develop practical ability and knowledge about the concepts and techniques which they have studied from 2nd to 6th semester. The project “Designing a campus network” will help a student to practice the concepts such as configuring a switch, a router configuration (generic), routing protocol specific router configuration and also in creating a secured campus Network,

The project course titled “Project: Designing a Campus Network” bearing the subject code BNT604 is of 8 credits weightage. The project has to be completed in duration of 240 Hours.

2. Hardware Requirements:

A PC/ Laptop with minimal specification: eg. PIV processor, 2 GB RAM, 256 GB HDD Internet Connectivity - recommended – 2Mbps Broadband link to connect to remote Networking Lab

3. Software Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 2000 / ME / NT / XP / Vista, UNIX, Linux Simulators like GNS3, Cisco packet tracer and SemSim

Note: The project work can be completed using the Remote Lab facility available for the B.Sc.NT Program. However, the students may also use any of the simulators available online to complete this project activity. Popular simulators available online include: GNS3, Cisco packet tracer, SemSim etc.

4. Indicative list of projects
Project 1: Securing the a Switched Network


To set up a switched network with static mac address and enable port security configurations to prevent any unauthorized access.

Required Resources

PC with Windows XP...
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