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1. Process Flow Chart of Oman Air Catering Operations and its Lead time & Cycle time The assignment is to develop a process flow chart depicting the flow of the process related to Oman Air Catering Operations. It will show the existing process and the time taken by the staff to complete the entire process and the existing Lead Time and Cycle time. In the end improvements, will be suggested to reduce the cycle time so that the entire process is rendered more effective. The main objective of the Operations Department in the Catering Services is to assemble food items, Dry Store items, Chinaware items and Bar items (prepared by staff rostered separately) all of which are arranged in airline equipment (Trolleys, Ovens or cabinets), loaded in hydraulic trucks and ultimately loaded onto the aircraft. Given below is the typical flow of the process:-

1. A staff (Operations supervisor) enters in to the walk-in chiller to access the food items prepared by the kitchen production staff. 2. Pulls out the Airline trolleys to the Operations Area(which consists of the assembling area and the loading bay).[total distance 15 feet] 3. Arranges the food items in the trolley as per the Airline specifications. 4. After arranging as per the requirements, the trolleys are pulled back into the same chiller which opens to the loading bay.[total distance 15 feet] 5. Trolleys with the food items are left to chill till around 90mins before flight departure time. 6. Meanwhile trolleys from the Dry Store, Chinaware and Bar areas are pulled into the loading bay. [total distance 100 feet] 7. Final check of the items are done

8. Supervisor walks to Security office to communicate the number of seals required to seal each individual trolley cabinet and oven. Security personnel walks to loading bay [total distance 25x2 feet] 9. Security checks are done and trolleys are sealed.

10. Walk to the flight attendants and instructs them to load the flight into the hi-loader. [total distance 20 feet] 11. Flight attendants walk to the loading bay. [total distance 20 feet] 12. Flight attendant walks to the accounts billing area to collect the AFO (formal copy of the Aircraft Food Order). [total distance 20 feet] 13. Walks back to the loading bay to check the loading process. [total distance 20 feet] 14. Flight is loaded.

15. After the all the items are loaded in the hi-loader, the supervisor walks to the driver’s cabin outside the building to instruct the driver to drive the hi-loader to the aircraft. [total distance 100 feet] 16. Driver walks till the hi-loader. [total distance 100 feet] 17. Driver drives the hi-loader to the airport along with supervisor. [1000 feet] 18. Flight attendants go to the airport by separate vehicle. [1000 feet] 19. Hi-loader is aligned to the aircraft

20. Equipment is loaded into the aircraft.


Process | Catering Operations|
Beginning| Entry into walk-in chiller|
Ending| Equipment is loaded into the aircraft|

S No.| Time (mins)| Distance(feet)| | | | | | Step Description| 1| 5| | X| | | | | Entry into walk-in chiller|
2| 15| 15| X| | | | | Trolleys pulled out to Operations area| 3| 20| | | X| | | | Food items are arranged|
4| 15| 15| X| | | | | Trolleys pulled back to walk-in chiller| 5| 30| | | | | | X| Holding for maintaining temperature | 6| 30| 100| X| | | | | Trolleys from different dept. are accumulated| 7| 30| | | | | X| | Final check|

8| 10| 50| X| | | | | Walk till security department & security walks back to loading bay| 9|...
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