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Topics: Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Kota Samarahan, UNIMAS Student Representative Council Pages: 37 (5700 words) Published: March 10, 2013
PBI 1052 English in the Media


Did you know?
By Noorhafeeqa Sefri


Hey, did you know when UNIMAS was
incorporated? If you all out there don‟t
know when the existence of UNIMAS is, let me tell you then. University Malaysia Sarawak or known as UNIMAS was officially incorporated on 24th December 1992. With about 30 academic staff, the University started with the first batch of 118 students on 8th August 19 93. Two academics support centre were also established: the Centre for Applied Learning and Multimedia, and the Centre for Academic Information Services or also known as CAIS. The first two faculties was the Faculty of Social Science and the Faculty of Resource Science and Technology as the pioneer faculties.

In 1994, four more faculties opening their doors for degree courses: the Faculty of Cognitive Sciences and Human Development, the Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts, the Faculty of Engineering, and the Faculty of Information technology. Two more faculties began taking in their pioneer batches of students; the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (1995) and the Faculty of Economics and Business (1996). These brought the total numbers of faculties to eight, as originally planned.

UNIMAS is synonym with its lucky number of 8. There are several things that represent the lucky number such as the total number of faculties, the flat number of busses in UNIMAS, telephone number of each faculty offices, 8 total of residential colleges (in present), and many more.

So guys, you must be proud being a student of UNIMAS.

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PBI 1052 English in the Media


By Ngui Lee Chien

Centre Academic Information Services is UNIMAS library and we call it “CAIS”. CAIS was established in early 1993 and officially started operation in the new building on 6 February 2006. The size of CAIS is around 22600 square meters. CAIS is located in the strategy place, because CAIS is near to the students‟ colleges and faculties.

CAIS provides a lot of services and facilities and become the lovely place of the students. The services and facilities provided by CAIS included auditorium, seminar room, discussion room, computer laboratories, carrel rooms, media room, 24 hours reading room, student lounge, photocopy machine and the printing services is provided for the convenient to the students. The printing services provided by CAIS is useful for students especially when the week that the students need to submit the assignment. Besides that, if students bring their food to CAIS, they can enjoy their foods in students lounge and television also provided in that student lounge. Other than that, students can find the collection of CAIS via network which is online public access catalog and we called it OPAC. The collection of CAIS is arranged in orderly, students can easily find the books they look for according to the code.

CAIS also provide two patrons shelf check system, in order to give the students convenience. The students can escape from queue up at the counter for check out the book with using the system. Besides that, through the advantages of the technology, CAIS has set the electronic security system to prevent the collection is remove by the students with unauthorized. The security in CAIS is good because students need to wear the matrix card in order to identify their identity by the guard. Students can enjoy their time in CAIS safely and digest their knowledge get from CAIS comfortably.

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PBI 1052 English in the Media


CAIS‟ 24 hour reading room becomes the mine third home and also many others students third home as well. Many students stay at CAIS until morning especially when the week students need to submit their assignment and prepare for presentation. Students always gather together in order to discuss the group assignment. Students can do a lot of activities in CAIS. For instance, reading, watching television, printing, eating,...
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