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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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Christmas celebration in Philippines has a lot of activities and family affairs. Our country is said to be the world’s longest Christmas season for celebrating it as early as September last until third Sunday of January. Filipinos hand on Christmas decorations, buying early gifts; doing caroling, and preparing a lot for Christmas. Every evening of this season, you will see beautiful lights and creative paroles, hearing Christmas songs along the way, and smelling different native delicacies offered by the vendors in the streets. Caroling starts in December. Children in small groups go from house to house to sing Christmas carols. Church choirs or youth groups also visit homes to perform great songs but unlike the traditional children’s caroling, they use the earnings for goodwill projects. On the day of Christmas, we attend Misa de Aguinaldo which is usually attended by the whole family. It is main reason of celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth for Catholics. It is like the main event of the year. We are also used to have Christmas parties in school, offices, or in family reunions. It may be on or before the Christmas day or sometimes happened in post-Christmas celebration too. Christmas season is indeed exciting and fun in Philippines but the real spirit of Christmas for Filipinos are sharing and loving.

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