Describe a Sports Event That You Took Part in or Watched

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Describe a sports event that you took part in or watched.
You should say:
what the event was (or, what the sport was)
where it was
who was competing
what you did during this competition
and explain how you felt about this event.

I love to play badminton especially in the summer time. It is a game I really enjoy, so play it whenever I can get a willing partner. It is a lot like tennis, but I can play badminton anywhere. I do not have to go to a tennis court to play and I can play in between classes without getting sweaty.

Badminton is played with rackets that look a lot like tennis rackets, but they are much more delicate. You should have a net, which sits high above the ground, and a ball that is called a birdie. The birdie has a small rubber half a ball on one end, and it fans out with feathers on the other end to help it to fly. A badminton court has a net in the center that stretches from side to side. Each side of the net has a square that the team mates play in. It is ideal to play badminton with four people, but you can play one on one as well. You can also play without points or a net, but I do not think it is as much fun.

It is a game that takes a lot of energy so you get plenty of exercise playing badminton. The main reason I like the game is that everyone, man or woman, has an equal chance to compete. There are so many sports that require height or strength to be good; it is refreshing to play one that I have an equal opportunity to win. Maybe that is why I get very competitive and energetic when I play. I love the game; it is fun and rewarding, and I feel alive when playing.

Describe a difficult thing you did well. 一件难搞定的事 可以参照一个你参与的合作项目 You should say:
what it was
and explain why it was difficult. or
and explain how you felt after you did it.
Difficulty is a very subjective term.

What one person may find difficult the other may find rather easy. For me overcoming my glossophobia was a very difficult thing. I used to be very stage shy and could never speak in front of an audience. It so happened that once I participated in an environment fair held in my hometown. We were a team of four students – Mohit, Rohan, Ravi and I. We had to make a model on pollution. It was very difficult to collect ideas for the model, but our teacher, Mrs Promilla helped us. We collected all data from different sources like the internet, library, magazines and so on We presented all three types of pollution – air, water and noise pollution - on thermocol In this project we showed the causes, effects and ways to control pollution We had to speak turn wise on our model. I remember I was very afraid to speak. But my other friends gave me the confidence. I felt very good that I was part of that team. I spoke very well that time. Getting over my glossophobia was an accomplishment for me. I felt very good after that. We won the first prize in this competition. The judges specially mentioned that the first prize was mainly because of the verbal explanation of the model. This fair was covered by the local cable TV and so many people of the neighbourhood congratulated me the next day. Our photograph was also there in the local newspaper Jag Baani. Our school principal also appreciated us I cannot forget that day. All four of us were on cloud nine on that day. So, this was a difficult thing I did well.

something useful you learn from family member
Describe a person who taught you a certain skill, such as cooking or driving or swimming. Please say

- Who is that person?
- How did he/she teach it to you?
- Why did you learn it?
- Was this skill useful to you?

I have learnt many skills from people around me in my life. Here I would like to talk about my mother who taught me a very useful skill of cooking. My mother is in her forties and she is very tall and beautiful. She has a gifted hand in cooking. She has her unique way of teaching us, I mean me and my sister, how to cook. She...
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