Describe How Implementing Epc Improved Knowledge Management and Operational Effectiveness at Sfp.

Topics: Knowledge management, Business process management, Management Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Describe how implementing EPC improved knowledge management and operational effectiveness at SFP. The system, called Enterprise Process Center, or EPC, manages knowledge retention and establishes new ways of collaborating, sharing information, and defining roles and responsibilities. EPC sought to identify common processes, called "work crossovers," by mapping business processes across each department. EPC is unique among BPM software providers in its visual representation of these processes. EPC used flow charts that were accessible via a Web portal to clearly depict the functions performed by each department. This visually oriented solution for optimizing business processes catered to both technology- savvy new employees and older baby boomers. New environmental regulations were difficult to explain. Certain inspection processes were conducted on an irregular basis, sometimes as infrequently as every 5 to 15 years. The knowledge required to execute these processes was especially valuable, because newer employees would have no way of completing these tasks without proper documentation and process knowledge. EPC solved that problem by creating work order flows for all tasks performed within the organization, defining the employee roles and responsibilities for each. EPC also identified obsolete processes that were well suited to automation or excess. SFP management had anticipated that eliminating outdated tasks would have the added effect of keeping employees happy, which would help SFP's performance by delaying retirement of older employees and increasing the likelihood that newer hires stayed at the company. EPC allowed employees to provide feedback on various tasks, helping to identify tasks that were most widely disliked. Only then could the division controller issue the reimbursement. To address this need for sharing information and making documents available across the organization, SFP started by using a wiki, but the documents lacked different levels of...
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