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DEPERSONALIZATION DISORDER Is marked by a persistent or recurrent feeling that one is detached from one's own mental process or body. The patient seldom loses touch with reality completely. However, depersonalization episodes may cause severe distress and some times impair functioning. During episodes of depersonalization, selfawareness (or portion of it) is attached or lost temporarily. The sense of depersonalization may be restricted to a single body part, such as a limb- or it may encompass the whole self. The patient may feel as if a body part or the entire body has shrunk or grown.


Prevalence and Onset
The prevalence of depersonalization disorder is it known. Onset is sudden, usually in adolescence or early adulthood. The disorder progresses and grow becomes chronic, with exacerbations and remissions. Resolution occurs gradually.

As a separate disorder, depersonalization disorder doesn't been studied widely and it's exact 'cause is unknown. It typically occurs in people who have experiences severe stress, such as combat, violent crime, accidents, or natural disasters.

Signs and Symptoms

A person with depersonalization may repart that she/he feels detached from her/his entire being and body. As if watching herself from a distance ( or living in a dream. She/he may report a sensory anesthesia, loss of self-control, difficulty in speaking, and feelings of de-realization and losing touch with reality.

Rumination and Disconsolation
Other signs and symptoms may include: 1. Obssesive rumination 2. Depression 3. Anxiety 4. Fear of going insane 5. Disturbed sense of time

6. Slow recall

7. Physical complaints. Such as dizziness
8. Impaired social and coccupational function


The doctor must rule aut physical disorders, substance abuse, and other dissociative disorders. Psychological tests and and special Interviews may aid dx. Standard tests include the dissociative...
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