Delays at Logan Airport

Topics: Delays, Faded Seaside Glamour, Airline Pages: 4 (987 words) Published: March 14, 2012
Your objective is to evaluate these alternatives using waiting line models and to provide a recommendation to FAA to solve the delay problem at Logan Airport. Also demonstrate that you understand the concepts and tools from the class that apply. Prepare an action-oriented advisory report, which presents concisely your analysis and recommendations for solution of the primary management problems.

5-pages typewritten, one-and-half-spaced, using default margins and 12-point type. appendix that includes the details of the calculation, figures, tables, etc not exceed 2 pages. -Start with an executive summary (maximum 0.5 pages), which summarizes your recommendations and findings. -The main body: detailed discussion based on the provided questions and analysis of the quantitative questions. State assumptions. Do not restate case facts. Summary tables in the text are encouraged for quantitative information. The details of the calculation can be put in the appendix, but any result that is important for answering questions or providing managerial insights should be referenced in the text. May use figures to visually represent information contained in the text. Tables and figures are referenced in the text.

General Guidelines: Four sections: (a) executive summary, (b) problem analysis, (c) detailed recommendations, and (d) limitations. Executive Summary
State the major issues. If you do not intend to address all of the major problems in your recommendations, then indicate which one(s) you do intend to address. Do not choose a minor problem with an obvious solution. Summarize recommendations. Indicate the results you expect. This section of the report should take from one to two paragraphs. Problem Analysis

Provide any analysis necessary to support your statement of the problems. Indicate the significance or importance of the problems through discussion of their magnitude, urgency, difficulty, and/or possible consequences of a delay in addressing them....
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