Defined Upword Communication

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Defined upword comm..
Upward comm. Is a flows vertically from one level in the organization to one or more level above that use by the employees to convey to their supervisors they feelings, ideas, aspirations and attitudes. Purpose of upward camm.

1) To provide the supervisor with feedback indicating whether the message transmitted downward have been received and understood. 2) To transmit information needed for higher level decision making. 3) To pass along suggestions for system improvements and changes in policies. 4) To give office employees an opportunity to ask questions, to make complaints and to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Duties that executive needs to do before organizing a meeting. 1) Determine the purpose.

2) Set the objectives.
3) Determine who should attend.
4) Determine the number or attend.
5) Plan the agenda.

Etique to business travels
1) Dress for travel.
2) Dress to impress.
3) Be on time or punctual for appointment.
4) Speak standard English (not use the slang)
5) Taste any food- offered by the host present the best delicacy the area has to offer Suggestions that you can purpose in preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. 1) Educate management and employee as to what sexual harassment is and let everyone now that SH will not be tolerated. 2) Design the person where employees can bring complaint about SH. 3) Publish option available to employees who feel they are victims. 4) Promptly investigate every complaint.

5) Maintain an environment free of relation or punitive action against a complainant. 3 important documents needed for foreign travel.
1) Passport – government documents that grants permission to travel outside country. 2) Visa – a permit granted by a foreign government for a person who enters its country. 3) Health documents – record of vaccination or health test. 4) Travel ticket.

5) Travel funds.
6) Maps of cities you go....
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