Decision Making in Households for Samsung S3

Topics: Decision making, Family Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Consumer Behavior
What is a group? A group consists of two or more people who interact with each other to accomplish mutual goals. One type of group defined in consumer behaviour is reference groups. Marketers use reference groups effectively to create desire, need or to promote a product or service. In my case, Samsung also used different types of reference groups to promote its product, Samsung Galaxy S3. While purchasing a product or service, consumers usually have contact with other people whether it’s direct or indirect, which in return affects their purchasing decisions. Depending on how attractive and credible the reference group is, it can influence the purchasing decision by different intensities. Reference groups are classified into two direct face-to-face and non-direct. One such reference group is a comparative reference groups. Comparative reference groups consist of lifestyle, fashion, and socializing. Samsung S3 comes into the category of all three—lifestyle, fashion, and socializing. Samsung S3’s target consumers are businesspeople. So yes, lifestyle is a main key factor to be able to target the right consumers. Also, trend followers are another factor that Samsung S3 has kept up with. A lot of people have started buying Samsung S3 because it is very much in trend at the moment. Yes, people are still favouring Iphone 5, but Samsung S3 is rapidly increasing with fame. Socializing plays a main role in purchasing a product/service. Most people talk to others who are directly or indirectly related with a certain product/service who in return influence other people’s purchasing decisions. Another issue that Samsung S3 faces is that it depends on indirect reference groups for advertising its product. What is an indirect reference group really? Indirect reference groups consists of individuals whom a person identifies but does not have direct face-to-face contact, such as movie stars, sports heroes, political leaders, or TV personalities. Basically,...
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