Debut Program Flow

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Debut Program Flow
- Guests arrive
- Welcoming of guests
- Ushering of guests by ushers to their designated seats
- Cocktails for guests to mingle (so that they would not mingle once the program starts, and to give you ample time to prepare before your grand entrance). - After everyone has settled in their place, the host will make mention of important people who graced the occasion (if there are). - At this point, cocktails are being served.

- Audio-visual presentation of debutante from infancy to present. - GRAND ENTRANCE of debutante
- Parents talk about debutante (brief summary)- achievement, goals, ambitions, etc. - Toast in honor of the debutante
- Debutante speech
- Prayer
- Dining
- AVP of well-wishers
- Father and daughter dance (This may also be incorporated into the eighteen roses. Fathers are usually the first or last dance of the debutante) - Eighteen roses (speech/dance)
- Eighteen candles (speech)
- Singing of birthday song
- Cutting of birthday cake
- Games
- Introduction of the debutante, her escort and her cotillion court - GRAND COTILLION WALTZ DANCE
- Debutante’s thank you speech
- Party time

Debut Program Flow
1. Registration/Arrival of Guests/Receiving of gifts/Cocktails. 2. Settling of guests on their seats
3. Introduction by the emcee
4. Acknowledgment of the Parents and other VIPs
5. Introduction and entrance of the grand cotillion
6. GRAND ENTRANCE OF THE DEBUTANTE (and her escort optional) 7. Welcome remarks and toast by the Parents
8. AVP of debutante (pictures from infancy to present)
9. Grand cotillion
10. Invocation/Prayer before Meal
11. Dinner and pictorials
12. AVP of well-wishers
13. 18 ROSES
15. 18 CANDLES
16. Singing of birthday song, blowing of 18 CANDLES and cutting of birthday cake 17. GAMES
18. DEBUTANTE’s thank you speech
19. PARTY/Everybody on the dance floor
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