Debate: Closing Stores During Prayer time in Saudi Arabia

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  • Published : December 1, 2013
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Many agree that stores and pharmacies and such in Saudi Arabia shouldn’t close during prayer time, and there are many reasons as to why they agree to such thing. On the other hand, many others disagree, and believe that the stores should in fact, close because of the religion, and again, many other reasons that will be discussed in this report. So, should stores open during prayer time? There are many reasons as to why stores should, in fact, open during prayer time. A few of those reasons are that the workers get too many breaks, a lot of accidents can occur, there are life or death situation where stores should be open, and finally, some economic reasons.

When it is prayer time, there is always a mass of workers outside, whom would be either chatting or smoking rather than pray. They get so many breaks, 10 minutes before prayer time, 25 minutes for prayer time, and finally ten minutes after. In total, if you do the calculation and count the four prayers, (because stores are usually closed by the Fajr prayer time) one should get a whole hour and forty-five minutes, and that is not including the other breaks the worker get too. And most of them really consider it as a smoke break rather than a prayer break. Not only that, but the customers whom are waiting outside for the stores to open will have to wait, rather than pray. Only a handful of those shoppers are willing to pray will get up and pray, but most will sit outside these stores and wait for them to open instead. Even if the stores were open during prayer time, it won’t do much harm to those who pray during prayer time, because they can simply get up, and pray at any time.

The second point is, and this happens a lot, whether it is a guy trying to reach his friend or a family willing to go to a mall, many will ask the driver to hurry up and go at a fast speed in order for them to have the ability to reach whatever place they want to go to before they close for prayer. Which gives strong evidence as to...
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