Dead Star Analysis & Bread of Salt

Topics: First-person narrative, Grammatical person, Marriage Pages: 3 (1111 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Name: | Subject: Lit 1N|
Year, Section: MT1218| Date: 1/23/13|
Dead Stars by Paz Marquez Benitez|
THEME: (What does the story make you see about human life (or the S.H.E) The theme of the story is that sometimes, unexpected things happen rapidly in a short period of time and one day, we will have to make the right choices for the happiness of the ones we love. As people, we may fall in love at the wrong time, which may force us to have conflict with ourselves. Conflict with making the right decision. There really are human experiences in which some may find themselves calling off engagements or postponing weddings.| CHARACTERIZATION: (Identify and characterize the protagonist and the antagonist in the story.) Alfredo Salazar is the protagonist in the story. He is the fiancé of Esperanza who had fallen in love with Julia Salas. He was having trouble with deciding on whether or not he should marry Esperanza or stay with Julia Salas. Julia Salas is the antagonist in the story. She was not aware of Alfredo and Esperanza’s engagement and she had fallen in love with Alfredo as well. | CONFLICT: (Is the conflict external or internal? How is the conflict resolved?) The conflict is external because it shows man vs. circumstances. Alfredo struggles to face his problems in choosing between difficult choices of his life (his engagement with Esperanza and his love for Julia Salas). The conflict was resolved by Alfredo’s decision to finally marry Esperanza and let go of Julia Salas.| PLOT: (How did the story begin? What events led up to the climax? How did the story end?) The story begins with Carmen (Alfredo’s sister) and Don Julian (Alfredo’s father) talking about Alfredo and Esperanza’s engagement of many years. Alfredo takes a walk and reminisces about how his love for Julia Salas had all started. After the procession for the Lady of Sorrows, Alfredo caught up with Julia. Julia had found out about Esperanza and their engagement. Alfredo...
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