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Checklist For the Beautiful DBQ:

– Read Question
– Analyze it and look for all the things it is asking for
– Rephrase the question if you have to

– Read provided paragraph
– Brainstorm ideas or outside info that you know both about the question and the paragraph This will help you see the upcoming documents instead of reading them with a blank mind.

– Read documents
– Organize your documents by the:
– Column or Grid method
– Lists
This will organize your documents and help you write the essay faster, saving time.
– Brainstorm more ideas with the fresh documents in your head

– When Reading:
– The order given with the documents may be helpful: Compare/Contrast, or Chronological order question.
– Identify the sources of the documents
– Decide on what side you are going to be arguing for
– Look for inconsistencies, or conflicting accounts between documents
– Identify sources and explain why their opinions differ, also look for the following differences within the source itself:
- Political Ideology
- Class
- Race
- Religion
- Gender
– Look for evidence that may go against your document:
- “On the other hand, 'this source' presents that....”
- “This source may be of a conflicting view point due to his ideological/religious/class/ race/gender perspective because....”
- “Another source may be approached with a different perspective. 'Source' states....”
- “This source may need to be approached with caution....”

– Make the thesis
– Reread the question
– Mention all the groups you want to support in your argument.
– You may also give some examples in the introductory paragraph to make it more professional. REMEBER: The thesis groups do not have to be always 3 groups. You may have 2, but overall have 3 paragraphs.

– Create the outline
– Use all your groupings, and document preparation to set up an outline with all your documents and points set up.

DBQ: Bias and POV...
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