David L. Miller, Portrait of a Whit-Collar Criminal.

Topics: Theft, Larceny, Money Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Case 9-1 : David L. Miller: Portrait of a Whit-collar criminal. Summary: David Millar get rich dividend from crime. He has confessed to embezzling funds from six different employers over 20 year period. Miller returned to Wheeling and start work for Wheeling Bronze, in 1971. President of Wheeling Bronze discovered that several returned checks are missing. After an extensive search, worker undiscovered a number of canceled checks with forged signatures. He was given the choice of paying back the stolen money or going to jail. He mortgages his home and pays back the money, and miller was dismissed, and Miller was dismissed. Several months later Miller found a job in Pennsylvania working for Robinson Pipe Cleaning. When Miller was caught embezzling funds, he again avoided prosecution by promising to repay the money he had stolen. In 1976, Miller’s world unraveled again when Crest’s auditors discovered that $31,000was missing. Once again there was a tearful confession and a promise to repay all money stolen. Miller confessed that he had written several checks to himself and had then recorded payments to suppliers on the carbon copies of the checks. To cover his tracks, he intercepted and altered the company's monthly bank statements. He had used the money he had stolen to finance his lifestyle and to repay Wheeling Bronze and Robinson Pipe Cleaning. Miller claimed in his confession that he had never before embezzled funds. In 1979 he embezzled approximately $1 .36 million. He needed two signatures on every check was to ask another executive who was leaving on vacation to sign several checks “just in case" the company needed additional cash while he was gone. To cover the theft, Miller retrieved the canceled check from the bank reconciliation and destroyed it. Miller working at Associated, Miller was able to lead a very comfortable lifestyle. He bought a new house and several expensive cars. He bought vacation property and an extravagant wardrobe. His $130,000 salary...
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