David Characterization

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David| | |
Traits| Evidence| How trait is revealed|
Curious| Questions the validity of The Definition of Man “Clearly there must be a mistake somewhere. Surely having one very small toe extra...couldn’t be enough to make her ‘hateful in the sigh of God...’?” (14)Asks where Sophie lives “Where’s your home?” (7)Recalls Aunt Harriet’s incident “It was as though she had been wiped out of every memory but mine” (75)Runs to see the Fringes people “I dropped what I was doing, and ran across to see”| AAAB| Persistent| Keeps the secret from his Father “I still did not reply. He glared at me. I had never seen him angrier, I felt sick with fright.” (51)Talks back to his Father multiple times “‘I only meant if,’I protested.” (26)Insists Sophie on taking her shoe off “It’s no good. You’ve got to get it off,’I told her. ‘If you don’t, you’ll probably stay here and die, I expect.’” (9)| BA| Sensitive| Dreams about Sophie being killed by his father “My father held Sophie with one arm just as he had held the struggling calf. He raised his other hand high, and as he swept it down the knife flashed in a light of the rising sun, just as it had flashed when he cut the calf’s throat.” (28)Makes preparations before the actual need to escape“I even went as far as making some preparations before I went to bed that night – at least, I put a bow and a couple of dozen arrows hand, and found a sack into which I put several loaves and a pack of cheese” (122)Making Petra less scared “I told her, trying to make it sound as if it were the sensible and usual course in such circumstances.” (144)Worries about Sophie “I lay there, picturing Sophie and her parents...” (53)| ABAA| Brave| Fights Alan after he sees the toes “I ran up the stone and flung myself on him. He was bigger than I was, but it took him by surprise, and we went down together in a whirl of arms and legs.” (44)Staying at the Wender’s overnight so they can escape...
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