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Appendix B—Career Field Certification Requirements
The certification standards published in this Catalog are effective 1 October 2005. Changes and updates to these standards are posted on the DAU Web site as they occur. Check the online Catalog at http://www.dau.mil/catalog for current information on certification standards and courses.


he following checklists provide a concise description of the education, experience, and training required to meet the standards for certification in Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (AT&L) career fields. The Under Secretary of Defense for AT&L (USD(AT&L)) has approved these checklists for the DoD AT&L workforce under the authority of DoD Directive 5000.52, “Defense Acquisition Education, Training and Career Development Program.” DoD components are responsible for ensuring that workforce personnel are trained to qualify for their current assignments, prepared for more responsible jobs, and cross-trained for assignments in other AT&L fields. All courses that may be taken to meet Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) certification requirements are included in this Appendix. The USD(AT&L) has designated certain courses that provide knowledge required to perform particular duties specific to an assignment. These assignmentspecific courses are presented in Chapter 3. Each checklist explains the flow and relational aspects of the standards. Mandatory standards are indicated by an open box or, when options are available, by an open circle. Individuals may be certified in an acquisition career level when all mandatory standards have been met. Some standards are designated “Desired” and are indicated by shaded boxes and circles. Where no standard exists for an element, the box is filled in black. (See legend at the bottom of this page.) The checklists incorporate other information useful for determining how the standards may be met. Personnel Data System (PDS) codes used to track training in automated personnel systems are included for each of the courses. They are shown in brackets “[ ]” after the course title. Predecessor courses, i.e., discontinued courses that satisfy the current training requirements, are provided in Chapter 3. In some cases, equivalent courses are offered by DoD and private and public institutions of learning as explained in Appendix C.

It is strongly recommended that the courses be attended in the order listed. These are progressive, sequential courses that build upon previously learned skills in an integrated curriculum. The Components are responsible for determining that a prospective student possesses sufficient knowledge and/or background to attend a course. Course descriptions are provided in Chapter 3 of this Catalog, and instructions for registering for classes are provided in Chapter 2. DAU uses the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) for enrollment application in all of its classes. Class schedules are maintained in ATRRS, and up-to-date class schedules are available for downloading from the DAU Home Page at http://www.dau.mil; from the Home Page, select “Training Courses” and “Course Schedule.” Checklists are provided for each certification level in the following career paths: • • • • • • • • • • • Auditing Business, Cost Estimating, and Financial Management Contracting Facilities Engineering Industrial/Contract Property Management Information Technology Life Cycle Logistics Production, Quality and Manufacturing Program Management Purchasing Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering—Science and Technology Manager • Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering—Systems Engineering • Test and Evaluation


Legend for certification standards checklists: Mandatory standard Desired standard No standard has been set Option for meeting mandatory standard Option for meeting desired standard


The certification standards published in this Catalog are effective 1 October 2005....
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