Data Quality Management Model

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  • Published : June 17, 2012
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ABC Health Clinic is currently participating in the Data Quality Management Model. ABC Health Clinic effectively utilizes the four different tools within the Data Quality Management Model including: Application, Collection, Warehousing and Analyzing. This particular policy focuses strictly on the Warehousing tool that is utilized to the fullest extent at ABC Health Clinic. Policy

The patient record documents a patient’s past medical history, services rendered, diagnosis of conditions, and procedures performed all must be keyed accurately, timely, and professionally into the patients Electronic Health Record (EHR). ABC Health Clinic will ensure all information has been input correctly, by taking all appropriate measures to ensure patient information has been entered correctly.

Procedure Regarding the use of the Data Quality Management Model
The proper use of the Data Quality Management Model allows public health professionals to accurately and timely enter the patient’s information. The Warehousing tool when used effectively is the second to last step of the process in which error reports are ran and scrutinized for mis-keys and clerical errors . When employees at ABC Health Clinic utilize the warehouse tool an initial error and exception report will be completed to ensure complete accuracy. These error reports would include detailed information including the patient’s basic health information including but not limited to: correct spelling of patient name, sex, allergies, and medical history. The health professional will also closely double check the diagnosis given and ensure the diagnosis is appropriate for the age/ sex of the patient.

Repairing Errors During the Warehouse Phase
Once any and all errors have been repaired by the health care professional, their supervisor will run a second error report as a second step in the error proofing process. All Electronic Health Records at ABC Health Clinic will go through a minimum of two error checking...
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