Data on Sale

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  • Published : January 19, 2013
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|Case Study: Data for Sale | |Management Information System | | | | | |Submitted By: | |Samir Shrestha, 12532 | |16th December 2012 | | | |EMBA 2012 |

1. Do data brokers pose an Ethical Dilemma? Explain your answer. Answer:
Data brokers have both negative and positive social impact as such they pose an ethical dilemma.

In one hand, from the case, we know that information that data brokers provide or sell to its customers like Internal Revenue Service and Department of Homeland Security and Justice have used for law enforcement and counterterrorism. More broadly, these data are being used to locate the assets of delinquent taxpayers, and screen candidates for federally controlled airport security workforce. Likewise, the insurance companies, banks and state and local government agencies benefits from these vast pool of personal information to develop new products and services and/or to devise their marketing strategies. In short, the data brokers are helping...
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