Dare Essay

Topics: Nicotine, Tobacco, Friendship Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: March 13, 2013
1st thing that I learned in D.A.R.E.

Although alcohol is a legal substance, I learned that it has many negative, and harmful, side-effects. When it is consumed, alcohol immediately enters the bloodstream. Because it enters the bloodstream so quickly, it can cause a person to lose control of their body, their ability to speak, and their ability to make good decisions. If a person consumes to much alcohol, they can go into a coma or even die. Alcohol can negatively affect every organ in the human body. Because alcohol can affect a person's judgment, understanding the side-effects of alcohol can help me to recognize when a friend is in trouble. I have learned that if a friend passes out from drinking, it is important to call for help immediately. Friends who have been drinking should not be allowed to get behind the wheel of a car, and I should not get into a car with someone who has been drinking. Alcohol can hurt me, even if I haven't been drinking.

2nd thing that I learned in D.A.R.E.

Cigarettes are an extremely dangerous product because they have the ability to harm not only the smoker, but the people around the smoker. Tobacco products, such as cigarettes, can cause many health problems. Although no one under the age of 18 is permitted to purchase tobacco products, most tobacco users begin using tobacco products before the age of 18. A person who begins smoking at an early age has a greater chance of developing tobacco-related health issues. Smoking can lead to heart disease, lung cancer, and breathing problems. Smoking also causes premature wrinkles, yellow teeth, and bad breath. Chewing tobacco can lead to mouth and tongue cancer and even tooth loss. Most importantly, I learned that smoking is not only extremely addictive, but it can negatively effect my family and friends.

3rd thing that I learned in D.A.R.E.

One of the most significant things that I learned in D.A.R.E., is the importance of choosing supportive friends. During...
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