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  • Published : November 15, 2012
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3 major changed in ballet during the 18th century:
- Professional dancers of both genders emerged. Their innovations in developing ballet separated it into a singular art form. - Different styles of ballet were developed (opera-ballet, ballet pantomime, ballet d’action)

- Female dancers changed the game and norms of performing ballet

Francoise Prevost – Showed a glimpse of the dramatic direction French ballet would later take. TEACHER OF MARIE COMARGO AND MARIE SALLE Marie Comargo – quick, intricate footwork. Shortened her skirt to see her feet and wore slippers Marie Salle – Wore a simple, draped dress and her hair down

Opera-Ballet – extension and development; social dance forms Ballet Pantomime – Storytelling through gesture or theatrical form; dramatic action Ballet d’action – told a story through dance and mime; next step in ballet development

Gaeten Vestris – Assumed the title of “God of Dance” from Dupre. His style and technique was extraordinary, making him a leading dancer in Europe. Maximilien Gardel – Gaeten’s rival. Removed the mask as to not be mistaken for him. Pioneer of ballet pantomime

Lettres sur La Danse et sur Les Ballets:
-Written by: Jean Georges Noverre
-He is important because: he was a dancer, teacher, composer and ballet master
-2 main ideas:
- Scenery, music and plot should all be unified
- Pantomime needed to be simpler and more understandable.

5 major changes in ballet and the theater during the 19th century:
- Ballroom dance was developed
- Gas lighting allowed dim effect

Marie Taglioni – Daughter of Filippo Taglioni, embodiment of spirit of romanticism, her debut was dancing in her father’s ballet Filippo Taglioni – Born in Milan, ballet master, created a new style of dance that featured the female dancer’s elevation and mystical qualities

Jean Coralli – produced Giselle, dancer, choreographer, and dance master, choreographed La Peri Carlos Blasis – developed the ballet position of...
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