Dance History Review

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Dance History II, Mid-Semester Exam Study Questions
Prepare answers for all of the questions below. On the exam you will answer 8 questions: 4 that I select and 4 that you select = 8 total. The length of each answer should be one-half page or more.

1. How did the Ballet Russe under the Russian director, Diaghilev, break from the ballet traditions of Russian ballet in the early 20th century? What were the existing ballet traditions at the end of the 19th century in Russia and what new innovations were made in ballet by BR?

2. Give four reasons why the Parisian audience in 1913 rioted during the premier performance of Le Sacre du Printemps (Rite of Spring). Give choreographer, composer of music, and the content of the ballet.

3. Three Europeans studied movement and music, Dalcroze, Delsarte, and Laban. How does the body of information of these men support the expressive language of modern dance?

4. How were the dances and movement philosophy of Isadora Duncan connected to “nature”? Discuss influences from her Greek studies, science (evolution theory), and religion (monism)?

5. What were the contributions of Loie Fuller to the emerging “aesthetic dance” form in America?

6. Discuss the Denishawn School? What contributions were made to the development of dance in America?

7. How did Lincoln Kirstein contribute to the building of American ballet? (Discuss his projects)

8. Ted Shawn battled against the idea that the male dancer was effeminate. How and where did Shawn create a more masculine image of men on stage?

9. George Balanchine created an American ballet style. Discuss the characteristics of his choreography and movement invention and influences that contributed to his “neo-classic” style.

10. Discuss the modern dance trends in Germany in the first half of the 20th century. Who were the leaders of German dance and how did German dance cross the Atlantic to America?

11. Compare the choreography and movement characteristics of...
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