Topics: Violence, Punk rock, Fear Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Daisha Jacobs

The most difficult client for me to work with would have to be a client who is in a demostic violence relationship but is unwilling to leave the relationship due to religious or moral teachings. I chose this statement because in today's society domestic viloence is occuring, in relationships and marriages. It would be hard for me because, I know for myself that it would make me angry right away. Only because individuals let there significant other beat on them, call them names, and what ever else and it's evident that you do not have to live with. That person surely deserves better. Although religion and moral teachings is a huge part of why that person won't leave. But I'll say this, either you leave or you're probably going to be beat to death. Leave and make a statement, let him/her know that if they keep beating on you, you won't be around. Let them suffer without you, because just as much as he/she is beating on you, leaving them would hurt even worse. As for those children who have been in domestic viloence, I know it's harder to take them away from the scene. But it is important for the child to seek help too. Physical violence off all one of the worse things, because it could cause physical and mental problems, arthritis, hypertension, heart disease (long-term DV), loosing jobs due to absenteesim due to results of physical beating, loosing family and friends, embarrassment, abandonment, the list goes on. As for children who witness or are involved in DV demonstrate behavioral/emotional problems, stuttering, anxiety, fears, sleep disruption, excessive crying and school problems. No one should have to through this type of treatment. We weren't put on earth to be beat to death. I would ask this client, what's more important, your health and well-being or sleeping with the enemy.
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