Cyp Core 3.2

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CYP Core 3.2 : Promote child and young person.
Case study A
Feroza’s approach will make Jack feel more confident in attempting to complete the puzzle and with all the praise given to him from Feroza this will make him feel very pleased with his-self. This approach will help build up Jack’s self-confidence and self-worth. This approach affects Jack’s Communication development, Intellectual development and Social & Emotional development. Case study B

The comment made by the staff member will effect Edward’s development by making him feel low about his-self and self-conscious which in turn will make him withdrawn. This will affect his social and emotional development. The comment could also affect Edward when he is doing activities or his reading if he refuses to wear his glasses. Case study C

Praise and rewards affect children’s development Socially and Emotionally. Children who are given positive praise and positive reinforcements are more likely to show this behaviour again. By giving praise and rewards the children will feel as though they're safe and protected and also allows them to feel that whatever they did was right and are most likely to achieve that again. Socially, the child will most likely feel safer, happier and more protected when they're with the person who has praised them. Intellectually the child will develop their understanding of what they were praised for and this praising will allow them to develop their understanding of right and wrong. Emotionally the child will feel happier and more confident in how they go about things knowing right and wrong.

Case study D
This working practice affects the children’s development by making the children feel afraid when they are shouted at and could make them withdrawn. Shouting creates a negative feeling. If the children are always shouted at they will then think it’s the norm, so behave in the same way. Behaviour will also become affected. This is likely to...
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