Cwl320I: Comic Spirit

Topics: Satire, Nuclear weapon, Twelfth Night Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: April 30, 2012
CWL 320I: The Comic SpiritWaters/Spring 2007

Term Paper Guidelines

Due Date

May 10th, 2007


A. Typed double-space, Times New Roman 12 pt. font, standard 1” margins B. 4-5 full pages, not including optional bibliography C. Stapled upper left corner, with no cover or title page D. Accurate, complete citation info, preferably MLA format

Identify, analyze and evaluate how and why a comedy pertains to the "power struggle" theme that has been central to our course material. You should focus on either a comedy in its cultural context or comedic adaptation. Think of all the terms, all the lectures, how to make comedy more than just a "pleasure" thing and then pick something you find interesting and do it yourself.

A. Is the student’s voice clearly heard above any others? A. Does the topic address the concerns of our specific course? A. Does the opening paragraph introduce a strong, sustained argument, including a clear thesis and leading into a series of concise, well-developed illustrative examples? A. Is the paper sound mechanically?

1. spelling
1. punctuation
1. grammar
1. transitions and sequencing of sentences and paragraphs E. Rhetorically, is the paper at or above a level of upper-division college scholarship? E. Do we see legitimate effort, i.e. citation accuracy, editing and proofreading?

Nota Bene:
A. Thoughtful alternative approaches are always welcome, subject to instructor or TA approval. We especially like things that reflect your own cultural background. A. If problems arise in the paper’s development, contact your GA early. A. Cheating will not be tolerated. Students are responsible for University guidelines on plagiarism. Be very careful using the Internet! A. You may use material we have discussed in class only as secondary reference B. No Animal Farm or Midsummer Night’s Dream...
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