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You‟ve found the job or course that you want to apply for. Now it‟s time to market yourself successfully and maximise your chance of obtaining that all-important interview. This Information Leaflet gives a brief guide on how to put together great applications. For more detailed help, have a look at the Getting a Job section of our website, Research and target! Carefully tailoring your application to the organisations that you are applying to is far more likely to be successful than firing off many nearidentical applications. Research the organisation thoroughly, and use the information you gain. Demonstrate your understanding of the job, the employer and the sector in which it operates in your application, and allow your motivation and interest to come through. Research the organisation and sector at the Careers Service  Employer (red) Files and Career Briefings.  Oxford Careers Network – there may already be an Oxford graduate working for the employer, whose brains you can pick. Use the online database to get contact details and read what they have to say about their job, and perhaps contact them personally, Elsewhere  Employers‟ websites – read them!  Annual Reports – some are published on employer websites, some are held on file at the Careers Service, others you will need to request from the organisation itself.  The online LexisNexis news service is a useful way of researching companies and accessing recent press reports. Access via with Oxford Single Sign-on.  is a five-day international news archive, available free of charge. Useful if you are away from Oxford and cannot use LexisNexis. Searches 6,000 news services.  Attend presentations. Many recruiters visit Oxford in Michaelmas Term – don‟t just go and listen; talk to them afterwards. See the What‟s On section of our website for details; log in to the password-protected area of the website. Read the AGCAS Industry Insights, .

Work out what they are looking for … take stock of your skills and experience Analyse the vacancy information and other employer literature to discover the skills, competencies and experience required for the job. Make sure that your application contains evidence that you have these qualities (or at least the potential to acquire them!). A useful tactic is to list their requirements, and jot down which areas of your life provide evidence that you meet each requirement. Keep this to hand when you are completing your application, and make sure that you have everything covered.

The OXFORD Effect
There is no doubt that an Oxford education is appealing to many employers. They will assume that you are academically gifted, with excellent A-level scores. Don‟t forget also to highlight the other benefits your time at Oxford has given you: The tutorial system:  Ability to see both sides of an argument  Thinking on your feet  Explaining your views to others  Presenting information  Coping with pressure Personal study:  Time management  Research skills  Analytical and critical thinking  Identifying key points  Summarising/synthesising information  Structuring arguments Oxford also presents a wealth of opportunity to get involved in college societies and to take on positions of responsibility – all potentially application-enhancing.


Addresses – this needs to be clear, but can be compact. Give your term and vacation Education addresses. 2003-2007

Make your name stand out – you don’t need to write “curriculum vitae”.

One or two full sides, printed on to good quality paper.

Date of birth is now optional due to recent anti-age legislation. Any academic awards could go here. Put in grades or expected grades, if available. Add course detail, if relevant....
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