Customer Service Policy

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Customer Service

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Today we will learn how to Communicate effectively with customers Create a positive impression Develop and maintain customer service standards Plan good customer service

Who are Customers? Definition of a customer
Internal/external customers Customers are people who need your assistance. They are not an interruption to your job, they are the reason you have a job..

Explain that there are external and internal customers: People who phone, People who walk-in, People who write People from within your organisation, People from other organisations, Media, Students

Communicating Effectively with Customers
Definition: What describes GOOD service and BAD service?

Good customer service is taking that extra step to help without being asked! It’s all about attitude and skills.

10 minutes- With the person next to you, talk about when you’ve had good service and when you’ve had bad service. Make a list of aspects of each.

Attitude Checklist
What attitudes assist in providing good service? • Enjoy helping people • Handle people well • Care for your customers • Give fair and equal treatment to all • Be understanding of people with special needs

Mention we’ll talk about special needs later.

Skills for Customer Service
• • • • • • Know about your organisation Learn the technical parts of the job Communicate well Be consistent Be organised Know your place in the team and be a team player

Emphasize the importance of training, duty statements, orientation, policy and procedures manuals

What do Customers Want?
Brainstorm what it is that a customer wants when they enter your organisations Discuss and share with the group

From the activity ‘good/bad’ service, identify the kinds of things customers want.

Greeting Customers
The purpose is to create and maintain a welcoming environment - how can we achieve this? • • • • • • • Be attentive, acknowledge a person as soon as they appear, even if you’re busy SMILE! Establish eye contact Tell them your name Ask how you can help Give the customer your full attention Be polite and courteous……………


Establishing Rapport
What does good rapport feel like? Practice greeting someone Make the customer feel comfortable Make the customer feel important and valued Use empathy

Role play

Find out how You can Help

• • • •

How can you find out what people want? If you can’t help, what should you do? Offer alternatives if possible If they have to wait, how would you handle it?

Communication is a 2-way Process
Communication skills involve: • Listening to others (Receiving) • Asserting/ Expressing (Sending) sender




These 4 slides present theoretical ideas in graphic form. They have been used in other workshops (Effective Communication and Frail Aged) and can be glossed over quickly if people are familiar with the concepts and how they impact on practice in the workplace.

The Communication Equation
What you hear • • • Tone of voice Vocal clarity Verbal expressiveness

40% of the message

What you see • • • • • •

or feel

Facial expression Dress and grooming Posture/ Body Language Eye contact Touch Gesture

50% of the message
ONLY 10% of the message!


Effective Communication Skills
Eye contact & visible mouth Body language Some questions

Encouragement to continue

Effective Communication skills


Summarising what has been said

Checking for understanding Smiling face

Barriers to Effective Communication
Language Time Noise Distractions

Other people

Put downs

Too many Questions Distance

Barriers to effective communication

Lack of interest

Disability Discomfort with the topic

How to Listen to Customers
Active listening = Attending skills (being ready) Attend to immediate needs (if you need to finish something before giving your full attention)...
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