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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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Unit CU800
Make Customer Service Personal

3.1 Explain how the use of the customer’s name makes service more personal By using a customer’s name can make customer service more personal as you will build a rapport with the customer and make them feel valued and respected. This can help for future contact with the customer as you will get to know your customer and anticipate their needs. This could then result in being able to exceed their expectations and maintain their custom and loyalty.

3.2 Describe personality types and their receptiveness to personalised services By identifying your customer’s personality type can make a difference in maintaining that customer’s business. If you identify their personality type you can really build a good rapport with that customer and they will relate and confide in you.

Some personality types are:

* Entertainer/controller – this personality type likes to be the one in control. They like to think that what you are offering was their idea and like to be the one asking the questions and making the decisions. By asking the right questions and probing in the right direction you can overcome this personality type. * Feeler/thinker – this personality type likes to think about what they are doing and really feel valued. You can overcome this personality type by thoroughly explaining products or services to them and valuing their time. This customer may need time to think about your offer and go away to read any literature.

By adhering yourself to your customer’s personality can result in the sale of a product and return business.

3.3 Identify features of personal information about customers that should and should not be kept on record Personal information that is relevant should be kept on file. This could be data, such as; name, address, date of birth or medical history. This information should be held under The Data Protection Act legislation. This is that all information about anyone is confidential and...
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