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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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The Anglo-Saxon period (450-1066 AD)
From prehistory to the Roman occupation.
While Britain is an island, initially was part of Europe, and then in the end of the ice age (10,000 years BC) became separated, eventually forming the island. At that time the population of Britain was formed by small groups of hunters and fishermen. Before the Roman invasion there were many invaders, eg Neolithic, Beaker and Celts. The Neolithic settled in western Britain and Ireland. After the Neolithic, arrived the Beaker, known for their custom of burying the bodies in graves decorated with ceramics. And finally the Celts, arrived 700 B.C, probably from Eastern Europe or Southern Russia , the Celts also developed small states, and then were conquered by the Romans who dominated for long time. The Roman invasion was in 55. B.C, Roman civilization was different; they brought military, and also an urban civilization. After the Roman invasion, England was invaded by the Angles, Saxons and Jutes; they brought their institutions and lived in accordance with their customs and Germanic traditions. During the Roman invasion Christianity was also installed, but the Anglo-Saxons believed in Germanic gods, but through the Celtic church Christianity survived, in 600 almost the whole of country was Catholic. About the King of the English, the first person to claim to be was Offa de Mercia. Around 800 AD new invasions began, the Vikings sacked cities and monasteries of the English coast, were defeated by Alfred the Great, king of Wessex or Saxons. He divided his kingdom into counties or shires, the shire court established that he had created governmental functions and county courts composed of free men. In 1040 Saxon king Edwards came to the throne, after him, there were two candidates, Harold Godwinson (wessex family) and William (duke of Normandy), after a battle William became king of England. The Anglo-Saxons lived in small communities, were farmers and fishermen. One of the major...
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