Cuban History Study Guide- Revolution Bad Economically

Topics: Cuba, Fulgencio Batista, Fidel Castro Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Revolution- Was bad for economy and people, should not be a model- Dalaney

1. The revolution ----> Directly caused the U.S. to place embargo on Cuba ------> that meant that Cuba had to find someone else to help float their economy---> Turned to Soviet Russia---> At first, this worked well (you are right). In the long term, it caused a dependence on another country, the USSR. When they crashed -----> Cuba crashed, and they have never recovered since. Wages just 20% of what they used to be in 1980’s. ---> Greatness was a partial High due to soviet flotation ($5 Billion/year support). ---> Did more damage than good

They argue-> look at education, how much it improved... Literacy
- Response: You can be as educated as you want but if you can't afford food
you will still die (No matter how much schooling you have, you can’t survive
>>> So you would rather be educated and die from starvation?

2. "It was "bad" for the people of Cuba who lost their lives, their families, their businesses, their property, and their individual freedoms. As in any communist state, a single person (or small group) took total control of the government, economy, military, infrastructure, land, citizenry, et al. Freedoms that Americans have were taken away and outlawed, e.g. freedom of religion, of speech, of expression (written, artistic,...), to protest and congregate, to vote, of thought (academic, philosophy), of movement, and more. Those who opposed Castro were imprisoned, tortured, and killed. Families who had owned land, homes, and businesses for generations were stripped of every asset. Their "lives, liberties, and pursuit of happiness [aka property]" were not protected. Free elections ceased and the citizens could not vote for representation in government.

Castro and his regime were so oppressive that people tried to escape by the millions. Many got to Florida safely and were granted US asylum. They were the lucky ones."

3. The...
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