Cst Us History Review

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Yasmin Fletcher
Mr. Weinstein
U.S. History 11P
2 April 2013
CST Review US History
1. What effect did the enlightenment have on political thought I the colonies? John Locke and Rousseau; contributed many ideas that the colonists used to write the Declaration of Independence and then later the Constitution of the United States. Both favored the common man, expressed the belief that government existed at the will of the governed, toleration of religion, and championed human rights for all men. 2. The Declaration of Independence elaborates on the Enlightenment idea of what? The Declaration of Independence elaborates on the idea of natural rights. 3. What plan is missing: New Jersey Plan, Virginia Plan, ____? House of Representatives.

4. Key decisions of the Supreme Court under the leadership of John Marshall solidified the power of the Supreme Court to? Under his leadership the Supreme Court was allowed to review the constitutionary of the state and federal laws. 5. The acquisition of an American overseas empire during the late 1890s created legal controversies concerning the? Concerning the constitutional rights of the inhabitants of the new American territories. 6. Reconstruction comes to an end in the South, white gov’t officials regain power in the South, and Southern states begin to implement poll taxes, literacy tests, and grandfather clauses. During the 19th century, the above resulted in what? The above actions resulted in the 15th amendment; suffrage for African Americans. 7. Of the fallowing groups of states which group was the least industrialized in the second half of the 1800s? A (Vermont, New Hampshire, Ohio), B (New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland), C (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio), or D (Nor. Carolina, So. Carolina, Georgia)? Group D, (Georgia, Nor. Carolina, So. Carolina).

8. The railroad building boom during the 19th century contributed to? It contributed to the coal and oil industry, helped Rockefeller and Carnegie rise. 9....
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