Crt205 Week 3 Assignment: Vagueness, Ambiguity, and Clarity

Topics: Critical thinking, Linguistics, Thought Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: August 23, 2012
The examples I chose are:
Example 2
I was thrown from my truck as it left the road. I was later found in a ditch by a flock of wild turkeys. Example 3
Next Sunday a collection will be taken to help with the cost of the new altar. Anyone wanting to help to do something on the new altar can step forward and let the committee know.
In example two, as far as being vague, it is not clear as to what the writer meant by being thrown off his truck. By being thrown off it could possibly mean that he was ejected from the bed of the truck. It could also mean that he was thrown out of truck by someone. Or that he hit something in the road that caused him to be ejected from the truck. In the second sentence he says that he was later found by a flock of wild turkeys. Is the author saying that the flock of wild turkeys found him lying in a ditch? Or that someone had found him in the ditch next to the flock? In the third example, it is vague because we are not sure what is being collected? Is it a donation of material or money? And in the second sentence it is asking if anyone wants to help do something on the altar to let the committee know. It is not clear as to what they are asking to be done on the new altar. These sentences are ambiguous because while you are reading each example, you there are multiple ways someone might interpret their meaning.

Both vagueness and ambiguity influence understanding the statements because what the writer is trying to say may not be what the audience understands. To get your point across effectively you have be sure you are clear in what you are trying to say.

The relationship between critical thinking and clear writing is only that you have to think about what you are going to say before you can clearly write. It is best to collect solid information and facts that you can put into your statements. Also it is important to know how to present your argument or statements to your audience so that they can have a clear vision and can...
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