Critique of the Relevance of Systems Model Theory

Topics: Planet, Earth, Sun Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: November 6, 2012

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If I were searching for Earth like life else where in the Universes , I would first check to see if it’s a habitable planet. This planet should orbit a star that remains stable in output for billions of years. The star shoud provide brightness and warmth to the planet, be the energy source that lets plants make food to feed organisms. It is also important in that it will create seasons, weather patterns, oceanic currents and even sleep patterns for most living organisms. However, the planet should be a distance from the star that results in it achieving a suitable temperature so its surface water is liquid and not frozen. It must also have a circular orbit so that constant conditions prevail for its entire “year”. Stars more than about twice the mass of the sun do not last long long enough for life to form on their planets. If a planet is too too close to the star, its spinning wheel synchronize with its orbital motion and it will always point the same side to the star – it will always be “tidally locked” like the Earth’s moon is locked to the Earth. The planet should not orbit a star too close to cosmic explosion like a supernova. It must be far enough from planets that they do not continually divert asteroids to hit or perturb its orbit strongly. It also must not be so massive that it retains hydrogen and becomes a “gas giant”. It is an advantage for it to have a massive planet well outside its orbit, like Jupiter to divert potential devastating asteroids away or to make them destroy themselves (as in the asteroid belt). It must have an atmosphere like that on Earth, that is dominated by nitrogen and oxygen. It must not be too massive for it might also retain hydrogen and helium like Jupiter. It must not be too low in mass for this will cause the oxygen and nitrogen to escape and only heavier nucleus gases like argon can be retained just as on Mass. Massive atmosphere generally trap...
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