Critical Thinking Skills

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  • Published : May 25, 2012
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1. Looking back: Review your worksheets to find activities that helped you learn to make decisions and solve problems creatively. Jot down examples. Also, look for examples of how you learned to apply critical thinking skills to math and science.

I’ve learned a lot about solving problems creatively by playing board games as a child and teenager. Many different board games allow you to solve different problems and make decisions to help you win a game. I’ve had to use my critical thinking skills to help me solve many word problems in my experience with math.

2. Taking stock: What are your strengths in decision making and critical thinking? Are you creative? What areas would you like to improve??

I enjoy making decisions and using my critical thinking skills. I think about the outcome of different choices I have to help make my decisions. I always go with the smartest and best possible outcome when I make a choice. Critical thinking skills help me to think in depth on a certain subject to help me with a deep subject that I may be studying.

3. Looking forward: How would you demonstrate critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills to an employer?

I would give examples of how I use critical thinking in my life to my employer. By showing examples to them, it would prove that I understand the meaning and show how I use it in my life.

4. Documentation: Document your critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. Which instructor or employer would write a letter of recommendation? Indicate here which person you’ll contact. Add this letter to your portfolio

Add this page to your Career Development Portfolio.
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