Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking Assignment
Human energy is one of the most influential factors contributing to enterprise efficiency. Sustaining their energy at work, employees perform their duties and fulfil responsibilities more effectively and, thus, promote profitability of their organisation (Sonnentag, 2003; Griffin et al., 2007; Bhagat & Steers, 2009; Bakker & Leiter, 2010; Fritz, Lam, and Spreitzer, 2011). However, fatigue, tiredness, and exhaustion have become a highly disturbing phenomenon for the last several decades. Therefore, it is important for managers of business units and organisational scholars to identify strategies that employees use at work to maintain their energy and reduce fatigue, evaluate their effectiveness, and assess levels of workers awareness of energy management (Trougakos et al., 2008; Pfeffer, 2010; Fritz, Lam, and Spreitzer, 2011). Despite the rise of research on employees’ energy in general, individuals’ preferences for strategies to sustain their energy, their perception of work-related strategies and micro-breaks at work, psychological processes and behavioral patterns appear to be under-researched and less from a qualitative perspective. In order to “to explore a variety of micro-breaks and work-related strategies that employees use explicitly to manage their energy at work” (2011, p. 31), Fritz, Lam, and Spreitzer pursued a cross-sectional study. The researches precisely identify objectives of their study, significance of the issue, and existing relevant concepts. Findings of the research conducted by Fritz, Lam, and Spreitzer (2011) on “workers’ energy management” (p. 28) are clarified in the article “It’s the little things that matter: an examination of knowledge workers’ energy management”, which was published in “The Academy of Management perspectives” in 2011. Hence, the research addresses diverse theoretical perspectives connected with employees’ energy management. The research process entailed the review of 62 peer review...
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