Critical Evaluation of Performance of Management

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  • Published : September 24, 2012
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School of Management and Marketing

MGMT110: Introduction to Management

Assignment 2
(10% weightage of subject)
(Due Date: 12 Sep 2012)


Students will explore a contemporary management issue that has attracted national and/or international media attention at some time during the past two years.

1. Read the newspaper articles attached and research the issues in specific areas of management such as Human Resources, Supply Chain, Operations, Project or Quality management.

2. Identify the relevant management topic from the lecture program (and one in which you are interested) relevant to the issue. Determine the relevant dimensions that pertain to the issue. The content of lectures 1-3 is relevant here.

3. Provide a brief summary of the issue that the managers are confronting.

4. Use relevant management theory as the 'lens' through which you critically evaluate the performance of management in addressing the issue.

5. Make a judgment, based on the critical review you conduct in steps 1-4 above, about the management strategies/ decisions that were or could be tried to resolve the issue, and what worked or didn't work, and why.

6. Recommend any different approach that might be taken taken to resolve the issue, and explain why. Your ability to link concepts and theories to real life problems, and argue your opinion based on evidence, is important here.

7. Provide a reference list of the information sources used, listed in accordance the Summers and Smith (2010) Communication Handbook.  


For Assessment 2 students are required to submit:

1) A copy of any additional chosen newspaper articles 

2) An essay outline - details will be provided in Tutorial Session 1 & 2.

3)A detailed Reference list formatted according to the Summers and Smith (2010) Communication Handbook Ch 2.   

• Assessment 2 is linked to Assessment 3 in that in Assessment 2 students will develop a structured outline of the essay to be written in full and submitted as Assessment 3. 


|Outstanding |Excellent |Good |Satisfactory |Unsatisfactory | |The development of a clear logical argument in the outline | |(40% of total mark for this assignment) | |Relevance: | | | | | |Assignment discussion is directed |Assignment discussion is |Assignment discussion is |Assignment discussion is a |Taken as a whole the | |at the selected news article with |directed at the selected news |generally a respond to the |respond to the selected news|Assignment are not responsive | |no irrelevant material |article with minimal |selected news article |article although some of the|to the selected news article | | |irrelevant material |although there is a small |material is not relevant | | | | |amount of irrelevant | | | | | |material | | | |Identification of key areas of management practice in the article | |(40% of total mark for this assignment) | |Extent of...
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