Criminologist Research Methods

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How Criminologists Study Crime

Ronnie Shepherd

Criminology 321B

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Criminologists have many different exploratory methods to gauge criminal behavior,

character, disposition, and social circumstances of criminal offenders. The comprehension of

these studies is truly significant as this information is gathered by criminologists as they access

diverse issues and query their discipline

Survey Research

A criminologist uses data that assess a person’s approach, convictions, usefulness,

attributes, and conduct. Through this reciprocal relationship, the criminologists would be able to

interpret the connection interval of particular components.

The self-report survey requires respondents to illustrate meticulously, their present and

past association in crime. This report requires anonymity for the respondents from outside

influences “in order to ensure the validity and honesty of the responses.” Another evaluation

that is used is the victimization survey which pose individuals to declare their experiences as

crime victims (Siegel, 2006).

Cohort Research

Cohort research is simply watching a circle of individuals who share the same traits

For example, take a group of twelve year old boys who were raised in the same housing project

in Washington, D.C., observed them until they become twenty-one years old. This approach is

extremely difficult, expensive, and most definitely time consuming. Another method that can be

used is to look back into their early life experiences by checking their educational, family, police,

and hospital records. “This is as a retrospective cohort study (Siegel, 2006).”

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Official Record Research

Criminologists are privileged professionals who are granted access to both state and

federal agencies such as the Department of Corrections, schools, and courts to gain insight and

comprehend the essence and scope of crime. Nonetheless, significant crime information is

gathered by the Federal Bureau Investigations and it is made available annually by the Uniform

Crime Report (UCR).

Experimental Research

Before an experimental research can be performed, experimental policies must be

followed. This form of research is rare because it is controversial and too extravagant to

administer; they include distorting the subject’s lives, which can induce ethical and legal

problems. This type of study also requires lengthy aftereffects to support the outcome.

Moreover, it has been an integral part of criminal statistics.

Observational and Interview Research

These methods allow the criminologists to concentrate on a couple of subjects at a time

through the use of interrogation and observation which should give the researcher a true

indication of the subjects’ demeanor.

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Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review

Meta-analysis entails collecting information from a number of foregoing studies. Well

matched material and evidence are withdrawn and merged together. A methodical survey is

another indisputable course of determining the effectiveness of public policy interventions.

Measuring Crime Trends and Rates

Criminologists use comprehensive studies to collect information to determine the

movement in crime.

The Crime Report

The United States measure crime by using the Federal Bureau of Investigations Uniform

Crime Report (UCR), along with the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), and the National Crime

Victimization Survey (NCVS)....
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