Criminal Justice

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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What term is used to describe the science of organizing and analyzing information to make the information more easily understood?statistics 2.Which of the following individuals used statistical methods during the 17th century to study the intelligence of his family members?Francis Galton 3.Which of the following would be used to describe the type of statistical methods used to organize and describe the characteristics of a collection of data?Descriptive Statistics(the average age of everyone in this class) When did the first collection of a set of data pertaining to populations occur?17th century Who popularized the use of the correlation coefficient?Francis Galton What term is defined as a set of tool and techniques used for describing, organizing, and interpreting data?statistics If your professor tells you, "if you don't start with reliable data, you'll end up with unreliable results," what does he/she mean?garbage in, garbage out What will you need to complete most statistical analyses?most statistical analyses no longer require access to a huge and expensive mainframe computer. Instead a simple personal computer can do it. In what century, was the simplest test for examining differences between two groups first advanced?early 20th century Inferential statistics is most often used for which of the following?. interpreting data to make inferences from a smaller group of data to a possibly larger one. . are often the next step after you have collected and summarized data. Which of the following is a use of descriptive statistics?used to organize and describe the characteristics of a collection of data. . organizing data, summarizing dataand collecting data

What type of statistics are used to organize and describe the characteristics of a collection of data?descriptive statistics What is a collection of information also called?data set or data When are descriptive measures most often used?collection of data . to describe how often something...
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