Creativity and Innovation

Topics: Athletic shoe, Lithium, Heart rate Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: March 2, 2013
This new idea developed to create a new product. The name of this product is Nike Smart Shoes. This product will be proposed to Nike Company that is the largest seller of athletic footwear and athletic apparel in the world. These smart shoes are designed to specify the distance, the speed and the hearth bits of the user during their activities. This new product is combination of shoes, treadmill, and the heartbeat rate indicator. The smart shoes are powered by a lithium battery, and have an internal LCD to showing heartbeat, distance, speed and charge of the battery. For more information please refer to product description. The estimated value for this new product is 350 USD. The problems that currently faced by the customers in the market are such as; the athletes cannot estimate the speed and the distance without chronometer, and the misunderstanding of high rate of heartbeat during walking, may cause heart attack. This new product can help users to know about the distance, the speed and their normal heartbeat during their activities, also because of the light of the LCD that shoes have, it helps to high visibility, thus ensures more safety during walking at night. GTX Corp and Adidas are two main competitors for this new product. The sneakers of Adidas, as the first competitor, has the ability to adjust itself to a runner's size, pace and fatigue level on an automatic and continuous basis as well as endure difficult running circumstances such as rain and mud. And the shoes of GTX Corp as the second competitor, uses GPS and cellular technologies. Many methods used to compares and analyses the idea of the product concept and help in making decision whether the product is viable is viable to produce or not, such as Laddering technique in problem finding segment. There are two more sections left which are Idea Generation and Idea Valuation. The Idea Generation segment contains, Mind mapping, Scamper, Attribute listing, and Lotus Blossom. In Idea Generation two...
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