Creative Writing: Time Travel

Topics: Universe, Napkin, Thought Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: February 2, 2013
We were all strangers before this was ever planned. No one really thought it was possible to start with. I stepped into the portal of time that illuminated my bedroom wall. Like an endless spiral of darkness is what it looked like. I struggled to place my portal-acquiring-device—also known as PAD, in my pocket due to the overwhelming pressure, however I managed to just before I reached the other end. Lost in utter confusion, I wasn’t entirely sure what or where I am. I sighed in disappointment of my PAD, it’s got a mind of its own I presumed. But for all I know now, I could have been between where the universe started or where the universe ended. The time gap is… no big deal, I think. Not long after, I met a man in a well fitted suit complete with a folded napkin in his front pocket. Well not exactly, unless you decide that his scaly, grey skin and webbed, deformed feet is human like. Not that I’m worried because having a time portal accessible to you, it’s inevitable that you question life forms anymore. Confronting the ‘man’, I asked him in a round-a-bout way, where I am hoping to find clues to which planet I’ve happen to step on. “The Terrunious planet of the Frodon galaxy” he answered with disdain. That’s not where I was headed at all! I thanked him before leaving. I pulled out my PAD and recalibrated my destination, funny, I made the calibration right but I somehow ended up here. I’m sure she’s due for another upgrade soon. For a second there, I felt the planet spin causing me to lose my balance, but no after gaining back reality, a small girl had bumped into me and somehow the force had tackled me to the ground. She was scruffy looking and in a panic, quickly she apologized, “Sorry, sir.” Before I could say anything, we were interrupted by the law enforcers, and without warning she dragged me through the crowd of people in the flea market. My legs were almost flailing at the speed we’re in. She was fast and her grip should’ve bruised by now. Thank god we...
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