Creative Thinking

Topics: Bill Clinton, Creativity, Hillary Rodham Clinton Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: December 7, 2012
How might you use the strategies for applying creativity to problems and issues in addressing this topic? When addressing the topic I chose in Week 3 assignment on the Bill Clinton Thoughts on Obama’s Re-Election; first and foremost I will need to knowledge and use all 4 different stages of creative process. By starting out start out with using the first stage of the creative process, I will search for more information on other candidates running for this particle election, chances of winning, and the peoples feeling for each candidate. The second and third creative process stages can be used at the same time. So, I will begin to express the pros and cons of Obama being re-elected, then after searching and addressing each issues of the pros and cons, it is time to produce more ideas the fourth creative process stage. So, the last stage would be to produce new ideas on the subject of the election; to determine what is said or felt about the other candidates running in this election. How might you use the strategies for promoting curiosity in addressing this topic? Why do you think the strategies might be effective?

Using the strategies to promote curiosity in addressing the topic of Bill Clinton Thoughts of Obama’s Re-Election are simple. By using these strategies will help to incorporate new found research and thoughts from other perspectives. The thought and ideas from the readers’ perspectives to make them feel like their words are worth something among the voters.

The strategy will be effective because it will bring in more interesting ideas to open up the curiosity of the voters and where they may stand within their nation’s president. By getting more thoughts on the subject beside Bill Clintons’ thoughts; possibly thoughts from well accredited people, the common man, or well-known stars, it will peak the interest of others. Not only will it peak the interest of other, it will make other want to discuss and give their input as well. How...
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